Saving you money

integrated-project-delivery CARAPELLATraditionally, architects have little control over construction costs. This is namely because of poor communication between the architect and the contractor.

The Problem with Traditional Delivery Methods.
The traditional design-bid-build process keeps the contractor out of the loop until the house has already been designed by the architect and the bidding process is ready to be initiated. By utilizing this method there is little that can be done if the construction bids are over budget without undergoing significant design changes. Often times, these changes lead to unforeseen expenses that become the burden of the home owner.

A Better Way

At Carapella Architecture we employ an integrated delivery system. We use a team approach and involve the contractor early on in the process. Our method decreases issues that can arise early on in the project. Problems that lead to unnecessary expenses to the owner.
This method offers the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective design due to the Architect’s access to construction and pricing information during the design phases quality
  • Delivery of the project with reduced likelihood of cost increases or overruns
  • Familiarizes the entire design and construction team with the project early on, so there are less surprises during construction