Our Philosophy

Architecture can be timeless following the lessons of history whose traditions provide the opportunity to the communities to retain their individuality designing beautiful buildings and sites with respect of local traditions.

Our philosophy is grounded on the principles of traditional and classical architecture, dedicated to the creation of beautiful harmonious buildings in balance with nature and society. The result is better quality of life, sense of identity and inheritance to the future.  Our approach includes total design organically conceived: residencies, furnishings, furniture, public, historic preservation and reuse, and urban planning.

Carmine Carapella AIA, born in Italy and educated in Rome (Italy), Aachen (Germany) and USA (University of Notre Dame) possesses an expertise in preparing architectural designs for historic structures and custom residences designed following the principle of Traditional and Classical architecture.

The firm has been set up in Pittsburgh in the second half of 2010 to reflect the significant body of work, skills, experience that Carmine Carapella AIA has developed in the field of traditional architecture, urban planning and preservation over the past 15 years.

Carapella Architecture’s design philosophy is grounded on the principles of:

  • Assess a client’s needs.
  • Create extraordinary spaces which maximize the site or existing structures.
  • Highest quality product and exceptional client service

Our designs are driven by each client’s needs, and our specialty is listening and responding with unique solutions. Carapella Architecture’s architectural trademark is threefold.

  1. The use materials and details:
    Whether the project is a Palladian or a Tudor revival style, our consistent trademark is an attention to how materials are used and closes attention to the manner in which a material is installed.
  2. Natural Light:
    We maximize the use of natural light where appropriate.
  3. Ability to work with a wide variety of architectural styles:
    Often our projects are a blend of the best of current design thought with the ambiance of an “authentic” historic residence.

Carapella Architecture is committed to excellence in each phase of the architectural design process. Mr. Carapella personally executes or oversees each facet of every project and is committed to close communication with each client. The communication starts with the initial interview and the detailed personal survey each client completes. Mr. Carapella will expertly guide the client through all phases of the project and assist with the selection and coordination of other professional services as required by the specific project. Thorough construction documents and construction administration site visits combine to smooth out many of the problems that can be encountered during construction.