Moe’s at Market Square

Downtown Pittsburgh’s only open public square, Market Square was designated the city’s first historical district in 1972. The owners of Moe’s Southwest Grill reached out to Carapella Architecture to redesign their lot on the corner of one of the most prominent entries to the square. The idea was that the existing single-story structure would be demolished and redesigned as a four story structure with the new Moe’s occupying the first two stories and an as-yet-unnamed tenant above.

Taking inspiration from historical research and the surrounding historical buildings, the proposed new addition to the square is a modern interpretation of the classic. The materials and geometry selected were inspired by the historic architecture of the area. Door and window openings were modeled after adjacent buildings, with the arched windows being inspired by the former Diamond Market House, which was a prominent feature of the square until the early 1960s. Stone was selected to compliment the adjacent building dating from the early 1900s. Brick is also being used to reflect the predominant building material of the historic buildings in the square. The architectural language used will allow the new structure to fit in with its historical surroundings and help to complete the enclosure of the square.

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